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About world of AGoC:

Have you ever though about if our world secretly would have another half? You might thought about it and it sometimes seems quite immposible. But it realy is so! Don't you belive it? If no - then step in and see it for yourself.

World is divided in too parts - Day world and Night world. Day world inhabitants doesn't know about Night worlds existance. But Night world inhabitants does know about Day world and sometimes merge in and live as Day worlds peoples.

Why is that so? Because Day world is the modern world we (more or less) know now. But Night world is world where such a mythical and fantastic creatures as elfs, gnomes, drakons, werewolfs, fayries and many other lives. Humans can't get in touch with them, they are hidding from us. But there are some creatures, not so inteligent as other, that would like to live an exploit Day world and humans. But others can't let that to happen.

To prevent orc, evil drakoons and other sadistic and vicious, and mostly not so inteligent mythical and magical creature attacks to Day world, where humans live not knowing anything about it, The King rules Night world. But as any other King in any other place - with power and without rivals King may became tyran. To prevent that from happening there is a game designed. Game alows only the best one, the smartest one and one who can think at least 2 turns ahead to win. Because only the best can became King.

This game is codenamed as a Game of Chess.

Rules of the game:

It's quite easy to join this game. You only have to be Night worlds inhabitant and know your best traits, at least a little. Because not everyone can became 'Key' of team and not everyone can go for the crown.

Playing game:

  1. There are 9 possible levels for each team. When you start the game, you, if you are one or with some other team members, you start at level 9. To become level 8 team you need to have at least three members and teams name.
  2. To made a full team you need 8 second line members ['Key' - which holds the same postion as 'King' in Chess and in suscesfull Game can become King of Night world; 'Sword' - which holds the same postion as 'Queen' in Chess adn is second in command in team, most advanced fighter with large variety of moves; two 'Knights' - the same as Chess Knights, second after 'Sword' in fighting; two 'Bishops' - the same as in Chess, supportative fighters; two 'Towers' - the same as in Chess, mostly guards 'Key', but used as tank type attacers too] and undefined number off 'Pawns', which supports team with information, resources and other needed things.
  3. When you are in 9lvl team you mostly only fight those who want to attack Day worlds peacefull life. Only at lvl 7, when your team has at least 4 second line members,name, base colors and emblem, you can start dueling other teams and start to leveling.
  4. When you are lvl 1 team with at least 5 wins against other lvl 1 teams you can challenge the King and try out your luck. Winner gets all. Looser: if King looses - he returns to Night worlds life, if looser is your team - you can start again from lvl 9.
  5. When you are member of one team you can never become a meber of other team.

That would be more or less all. Everything else, if needed, will be added here, if not - you can find it at Comics ^^

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