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ยป News Archives - You know an update, when you see one ^^

December 5th, 2009, 4:48 am

You know an update, when you see one ^^

So then, after months of silence i have come back ^^ Three new pages proves that. So, after this tis week we ave finaly gone back to our regular update basis - new page Thursday and/or Friday [most likely Friday eve, GTM +2 time zone, if i don't finish a page in weekend before or got to some scaner ^^]

Story has started to take on new turns ^^ Wo were those guys in 2nd chapters begining? Who is that new guy in PE lesson [who tripped just by strting running]? What will happen next?
[When we at last got to know those 4 contest teams, that won a years ago[not literaly]?] - these most likely is the questions you all want to get answered ^^ Stay tunned, and you will see ^^ Some things quicker, some things not so quick [winners of last contest - tll the end of this year ^^']

Have a good day ^^

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