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ยป News Archives - Contest has Ended!

August 14th, 2009, 3:49 pm

Contest has Ended!

I fogot to announce contest in News page, but now i'll announce contest end here ^^'

As you all know, it's way past August 12th, which was official contest end date. So, no more entries ^^ Till next contest, about which i'll tell more, when it comes closer.

4 entries
As sad [or happy] it is, there were only four entries ^^
* lvl 4 team "Red Knights" by Satsujinisa [who is bugging me with ideas about her team >< blame her, when you see Delmas notes on human life and Sanrith 'talking' [fighting] with Delmar. Oh, and wolf obssesed spirit Knight, who will huggle Asran [poor kid] after they first fight [i won 't say in school will think that this litereature profesor has strange orientation...]
* lvl 6 team "Sombra Cero" by Venom-master [whoes awesome group will show on many magazines in comics and will have little fan-club in school ^^]
* lvl 2 [or 1, not sure yet] team "Cursed Force" by Blackwolf008 [which members will apear around from time to time being in school's or picking up fights XD]
* lvl 2 [or 1, not sure yet] team "Silver Angelus" by Kiri/Kairo etc. [whoes half you already saw in chapters 2 page 3 ^w^ [he has the right, he started team aroun february already], which thinking-of-being-good,-really-are-evil team will[and already are] be giving me headaches with their formalities and rule-obseesive attitude and all-winged figting style ><]

These then are all four teams ^^ who will be the best? [i need more thinking ><]

Winner announcement will be delayed!
I still need to go throu all entries and see which really is the best of them all ^^ Because there are only four, every participant will get a litte prize-art from me and all teams or their members will appear offten enough in comics ^^
First place, with best team gets: most screen[comics]-time from all entries[in every chapter something from team], special rights to add something more to comics [not more team members, everyone can do that to their teams, if want, but different characters or other things. Will be discussed with winner more], 1 full size, full background pick of his/her request and 3 smaller pics [art from me][only characters with little, simple bg, or other drawing].
Second place, with second most interesting team, in my opinion, gets: second most screen[comics]-time, right to have one side-battle [battle with different team, named or own created, and possibility to write a script for it. Side-batlle means Asrans team will be just watching it], 3 smaller pics [art from me] [might add bit better bg in one, but not full-scale pic like first palce winner].
Third place, gets: screen[comics]-time, 2 small pics [art from me] [same as second place, one could be with greater bg and stuff, but not full-scale like first-place]
Fourth place gets: screen[comics]-time, 1 small pic [art form me]

Official winner will be announced later ^^ All participants can already think what kind of art they want from me ;)

So then, next update after chapters 2 page 6 will be next week Thursday or Friday ^^ Pages are already started ^^
I'll whicper you a secret ;) after two or three weeks [two or three more updates] ypu will all see Eduard ^^ [Eduard, NOT Edward, Eduard]. Who is he? Definately not vampire, but you will see for yourselves ^^


Venom master, August 15th, 2009, 3:12 am

wow, now when I see other team's lvl I feel silly=_="

damn slacker me...

WolfsNeverDie, August 15th, 2009, 3:30 am

It isn't that bad, venom ^^ You can always add missing members to team later, as story goes on ^^

Venom master, August 15th, 2009, 2:22 pm

Nah, I hate to change someones plot like that.
They're good as they're now, not all teams have to be top ranked or something:D

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