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ยป News Archives - I'm back!

May 14th, 2009, 4:55 am

I'm back!

I'm back on regular updates! [at least i hope so ^^']
Still not 100% sure [neeither 90% sure] about that, but i really hope so ^^ Time to get back and going.

Right now i'm working on next few pages, so today you might hope to get at least 2-page update [and some more tomorrow]. Already over a middle of 1st chapter, so, depending on how it will go with drawing, it might be only few more weeks till next chapter.

It's still some time till i'll finish 1st chapter, but i wanted you to know, that after it, most likely at Junes begining, i'll start a little contest of "AGoC". Rules will be announced that, but i can already tell, that prise will be appearance in this comics [one of prises].
What you will need to do?
Simple - make your own team for this Chess game. As i said, Rules will be announced later, but, if anybody wants - might start thinking about it already ^^

So then, have a good day ^^ If you have any questions - just ask ^^

WND Rena

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