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ยป News Archives - AGoC launches!

February 26th, 2009, 12:39 pm

AGoC launches!

YES! It is today!
So AGoC have launched few minutes ago ^^ First long term project here in SJ ^^ I'll hope there will be atleast a few who will like this ^^

Some info:
UPDATES: at Thursdays and/or Fridays - it might be both, if i have manny pages done, otherwise - just one of those days, depends on me ^^ It mostly will be more than one page update per time, but it might be just one page too.
Reads from right to left! [<-this way] - mostly couse i'm an otaku as well as my friends and we have been too much addicted to manga, so from right to left is our 'normal' way of reading comics (it sometimes confuses me when i try to read those who are drawn from left to right)
All is drawn by hand - only brightness and some other minor stuff like size and so is done in photoshop. I'll see how this will go and might later ad text with it too, but for now - it's my handwriting.

That's for now is all ^^ I hope you will at leat a little enjoy this ^^ Soon i'll finish character page and add some other interesting stuff after that. For now - i'm open for constructive critique and some tips and advices.


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