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February 24th, 2009, 3:04 pm

Game of Chess

Hello all readers!

Would you join me for a game of Chess?

My name is Renina, but you can call me Ren,Wolf, WND or any other way you like. And this is my first long term comics i'm making on SJ as well as other places ^^

So lets talk a bit about "A Game of Chess" or AGoC for short.

AGoC is first long term comics project i'm determined to realy finih. I might seems strange for those who aren't used to my style and for some other too, cause this realy is an experiment of mine. It's a first time i'm drawing with gray markers such a big project, so shadows and stuff might seem wrong, but i'm learning while drawing this ^^
About plot i have to say it might seems to be much seen and stuff. I have to admit, that i have insired for this from such anime as Code Geas, Yugiog, Gundam 00 and Gundam Seed and Destiny, as well as bunch of other stuff and things. But don't wory, this might not seem so boring as it sounds ^^

About characters and other things you can read later in custom pages i'll add by time. There will be some, and they all will be improwed, as well as design of page itself. Banner will change by time and other stuff too as well. But for now - Please bear with what you see now ^^

In shortly - that's all. I hope you'll like this comics at least a little ^^

AGoC author

P.S. Almsost forgot one of most important things ^^;
AGoC will update Thursdays and/or Fridays (it depends on how much pages i'll have) at evenings (GTM +2 time zone). It will be more than one page update mostly, but even if don't have any page done by that time - i'll add some filler for your pleasure ^^
First update - Prologe - at Thursday 26/2/2009

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