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Chapter 2 page-14
Chapter 2 page-14

February 21st, 2010, 8:25 am

Remaking the project!

Hello there!

For already quite a time this idea bugs me and i hve come to a decision to restart AGoC with more action, better plot, art and storyline (i hope so at least, i will left judgement to readers). To do so, i have already made few preparations, but it will take more time to finish this.

No worries those, who entered previous contest - entries won't be forgoten and teams 'Sombra Cero', 'Silver Angelus', 'Red Knights' and 'Cursed Force' will take part in renewed version(sooner than now, it might be ^^ not promising anything yet, though) running along unofficial entries as 'Crimson Darkness', 'Nine Tails' and kitty team which doesn't have name yet. And, lets not forget, our main team and stories protagonists Keys Asran Willow forces ^^

For now, i'll left old pages and fillers as they are.

Well, time to get plot moving in better ways than before ^^ I hope you will enjoy this when time comes ^^

still bit hibernating author
~WND Renkun

December 12th, 2009, 6:08 am

Reason of delay -_-

As you might have already seen, there is no new page this week. The reason behind this is simple - school. Till next weeks Tuesdays evening i need to finish 4 works in Painting, one A2 ink work in Drawing, four A2 pieces in different styles at other one, finish sewing my costume and other little works ^^
Drawing so much at school and home, doing homeworks, i have had no time to finish next page -_- I apoligise for delaying so much. but school in my list comes before comics ^^
After next week i'll have enough time to finish more pages and give you more to enjoy ^^

Good luck for now ^^
I'll be back next week ^^

December 5th, 2009, 4:48 am

You know an update, when you see one ^^

So then, after months of silence i have come back ^^ Three new pages proves that. So, after this tis week we ave finaly gone back to our regular update basis - new page Thursday and/or Friday [most likely Friday eve, GTM +2 time zone, if i don't finish a page in weekend before or got to some scaner ^^]

Story has started to take on new turns ^^ Wo were those guys in 2nd chapters begining? Who is that new guy in PE lesson [who tripped just by strting running]? What will happen next?
[When we at last got to know those 4 contest teams, that won a years ago[not literaly]?] - these most likely is the questions you all want to get answered ^^ Stay tunned, and you will see ^^ Some things quicker, some things not so quick [winners of last contest - tll the end of this year ^^']

Have a good day ^^

August 14th, 2009, 3:49 pm

Contest has Ended!

I fogot to announce contest in News page, but now i'll announce contest end here ^^'

As you all know, it's way past August 12th, which was official contest end date. So, no more entries ^^ Till next contest, about which i'll tell more, when it comes closer.

4 entries
As sad [or happy] it is, there were only four entries ^^
* lvl 4 team "Red Knights" by Satsujinisa [who is bugging me with ideas about her team >< blame her, when you see Delmas notes on human life and Sanrith 'talking' [fighting] with Delmar. Oh, and wolf obssesed spirit Knight, who will huggle Asran [poor kid] after they first fight [i won 't say in school will think that this litereature profesor has strange orientation...]
* lvl 6 team "Sombra Cero" by Venom-master [whoes awesome group will show on many magazines in comics and will have little fan-club in school ^^]
* lvl 2 [or 1, not sure yet] team "Cursed Force" by Blackwolf008 [which members will apear around from time to time being in school's or picking up fights XD]
* lvl 2 [or 1, not sure yet] team "Silver Angelus" by Kiri/Kairo etc. [whoes half you already saw in chapters 2 page 3 ^w^ [he has the right, he started team aroun february already], which thinking-of-being-good,-really-are-evil team will[and already are] be giving me headaches with their formalities and rule-obseesive attitude and all-winged figting style ><]

These then are all four teams ^^ who will be the best? [i need more thinking ><]

Winner announcement will be delayed!
I still need to go throu all entries and see which really is the best of them all ^^ Because there are only four, every participant will get a litte prize-art from me and all teams or their members will appear offten enough in comics ^^
First place, with best team gets: most screen[comics]-time from all entries[in every chapter something from team], special rights to add something more to comics [not more team members, everyone can do that to their teams, if want, but different characters or other things. Will be discussed with winner more], 1 full size, full background pick of his/her request and 3 smaller pics [art from me][only characters with little, simple bg, or other drawing].
Second place, with second most interesting team, in my opinion, gets: second most screen[comics]-time, right to have one side-battle [battle with different team, named or own created, and possibility to write a script for it. Side-batlle means Asrans team will be just watching it], 3 smaller pics [art from me] [might add bit better bg in one, but not full-scale pic like first palce winner].
Third place, gets: screen[comics]-time, 2 small pics [art from me] [same as second place, one could be with greater bg and stuff, but not full-scale like first-place]
Fourth place gets: screen[comics]-time, 1 small pic [art form me]

Official winner will be announced later ^^ All participants can already think what kind of art they want from me ;)

So then, next update after chapters 2 page 6 will be next week Thursday or Friday ^^ Pages are already started ^^
I'll whicper you a secret ;) after two or three weeks [two or three more updates] ypu will all see Eduard ^^ [Eduard, NOT Edward, Eduard]. Who is he? Definately not vampire, but you will see for yourselves ^^

May 14th, 2009, 4:55 am

I'm back!

I'm back on regular updates! [at least i hope so ^^']
Still not 100% sure [neeither 90% sure] about that, but i really hope so ^^ Time to get back and going.

Right now i'm working on next few pages, so today you might hope to get at least 2-page update [and some more tomorrow]. Already over a middle of 1st chapter, so, depending on how it will go with drawing, it might be only few more weeks till next chapter.

It's still some time till i'll finish 1st chapter, but i wanted you to know, that after it, most likely at Junes begining, i'll start a little contest of "AGoC". Rules will be announced that, but i can already tell, that prise will be appearance in this comics [one of prises].
What you will need to do?
Simple - make your own team for this Chess game. As i said, Rules will be announced later, but, if anybody wants - might start thinking about it already ^^

So then, have a good day ^^ If you have any questions - just ask ^^

WND Rena

February 26th, 2009, 12:39 pm

AGoC launches!

YES! It is today!
So AGoC have launched few minutes ago ^^ First long term project here in SJ ^^ I'll hope there will be atleast a few who will like this ^^

Some info:
UPDATES: at Thursdays and/or Fridays - it might be both, if i have manny pages done, otherwise - just one of those days, depends on me ^^ It mostly will be more than one page update per time, but it might be just one page too.
Reads from right to left! [<-this way] - mostly couse i'm an otaku as well as my friends and we have been too much addicted to manga, so from right to left is our 'normal' way of reading comics (it sometimes confuses me when i try to read those who are drawn from left to right)
All is drawn by hand - only brightness and some other minor stuff like size and so is done in photoshop. I'll see how this will go and might later ad text with it too, but for now - it's my handwriting.

That's for now is all ^^ I hope you will at leat a little enjoy this ^^ Soon i'll finish character page and add some other interesting stuff after that. For now - i'm open for constructive critique and some tips and advices.


February 24th, 2009, 3:04 pm

Game of Chess

Hello all readers!

Would you join me for a game of Chess?

My name is Renina, but you can call me Ren,Wolf, WND or any other way you like. And this is my first long term comics i'm making on SJ as well as other places ^^

So lets talk a bit about "A Game of Chess" or AGoC for short.

AGoC is first long term comics project i'm determined to realy finih. I might seems strange for those who aren't used to my style and for some other too, cause this realy is an experiment of mine. It's a first time i'm drawing with gray markers such a big project, so shadows and stuff might seem wrong, but i'm learning while drawing this ^^
About plot i have to say it might seems to be much seen and stuff. I have to admit, that i have insired for this from such anime as Code Geas, Yugiog, Gundam 00 and Gundam Seed and Destiny, as well as bunch of other stuff and things. But don't wory, this might not seem so boring as it sounds ^^

About characters and other things you can read later in custom pages i'll add by time. There will be some, and they all will be improwed, as well as design of page itself. Banner will change by time and other stuff too as well. But for now - Please bear with what you see now ^^

In shortly - that's all. I hope you'll like this comics at least a little ^^

AGoC author

P.S. Almsost forgot one of most important things ^^;
AGoC will update Thursdays and/or Fridays (it depends on how much pages i'll have) at evenings (GTM +2 time zone). It will be more than one page update mostly, but even if don't have any page done by that time - i'll add some filler for your pleasure ^^
First update - Prologe - at Thursday 26/2/2009

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